Light My Fire! Chilli Oil

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Ingredients: (all organic), sunflower oil, chilli flakes, star anise, black cardamom, cassia bark, red onion, spring onion, ginger.

Light my Fire! A delicious blend of Chilli flakes, Oil and Herbs, spices, and vegetables.
This product is taking Australia by storm! There is an awesome story of how this chill oil came to be. Our Production Manager, Phyo, came in one day and asked if it was ok to make chilli oil in our kitchen.

Well, that was a no-brainer for us because both Nella and I love Chilli and had recently found a good but non-vegan chilli oil at a nearby market. We put it on Phyo to create the first Vegan Certified Organic Chilli oil, and boy, didn't he deliver!

The recipe is his mum’s from his home country of Burma, modified to be completely vegan. Once you've tried this, you will never be able to go back to any other oil, and I can vouch for that.

We put this on virtually everything, including rice, salads, Asian dishes (of course), toast, and even some fruits like mango! Oh, and this is not just about the heat but the incredible flavour!

This is awesome, and we are completely addicted to Light My Fire!

Phyo making Light My Fire!

serving size 20g average quantity per serving average quantity per 100g
Energy 632.0 kJ 3160 kJ
Protein 0.6 g 3.1 g
Fat, total - 15.9 g 79.7 g
saturated 1.8 g 8.8 g
Carbohydrate - 1.3g 6.5g
sugars 0.5 g 2.3 g
Sodium 153 mg 767 mg

Why we are the preferred choice for organic chilli oils

ActivEarth is an Australian online seller of organic chilli oil and other healthy organic food products. We create premium organic chilli oils from 100% organic ingredients and premixes so that you can make your curry or soup cooking tastier at home. ActivEarth is committed to providing the best possible products to our customers who enjoy eating healthy meals with natural flavours and spices that our nuts, seeds, spreads and other products provide.

What is Organic Chilli Oil?

Sunflower oil that has been flavoured with chilli flakes is traditionally prepared in the form of chilli oil, which is very popular. Chilli flakes are the (usually dried) fruit of plants that belong to the genus capsicum. Chili’s are thought to have originated in Mexico; however, chilli oil is now widely available throughout the world, and various chilli pepper cultivars are grown in a wide variety of countries. Organic chilli oil's powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects make it useful for treating a wide variety of medical conditions like controlling cholesterol and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, despite the fact that it is most commonly used in culinary applications, particularly in Asian countries. The active component capsaicin, which can have a significant influence on the body, is found in high concentrations in chilli’s. In addition to that,

organic chilli oil contains minute quantities of vitamin C and vitamin A, a number of important antioxidants and advantageous fatty acids.

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Light My Fire! Chilli Oil