Berry Crunchy Granola

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Oh yes! It’s called Berry Crunchy - A blend of Certified Organic Oats from Blue Lake Milling - grown in Australia (The best oats ever) To these we add organic toasted shredded coconut with Organic Maple syrup, Organic cacao, organic cinnamon, organic Vanilla extract, organic blueberries and cranberries, this is made into a beautiful granola that you can nibble on right out of the.pack or add some of delicious almond milk made from our 100% Certified organic almonds and nothing else!

All Ingredients are Certified Organic.


Energy (kJ) 1806
Protein (g) 7.7
Fat, Total (g) 27.1
Fat, Saturation (g) 16.2
Carbohydrate (g) 35.4
Sugars (g) 8.3
Sodium (mg) 12.1



Berry Crunchy Granola