Activated Almond Butter

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While Activated Almond Butter is very simple, its also very delicious!


All Ingredients are Certified Organic:

100% organic biodynamic Australian almonds, Himalayan salt

Serving Suggestions:

Spread it on crackers, with a piece of avocado or tomato for a healthy and easy lunch!

Dip some celery or carrots in it, or use it in salad dressing like the tahini.

You can also find a lot of baking recipes (cakes and muffins) with almond butter instead of dairy butter.  

Energy (kJ) 2606
Protein (g) 20
Fat, Total (g) 55.8
Fat, Saturation (g) 6
Carbohydrate (g) 9.8
Sugars (g) 7
Sodium (mg) 18


Activated Almond Butter