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Certified Organic Activated Walnuts

Even though walnuts are one tough nut to crack, they’re among the best to eat and luckily, they’re easily accessible and affordable, and they have been shelled. The benefits of walnuts are never-ending. We can go on and on about them and it still would not be enough. ActivEarth Food understands this, and also understands what our consumers want. Being the premium seller of organic walnuts in Australia, you can now buy activated walnuts online from our website, in just a couple of clicks.

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Health Benefits Of Our Organic Activated Walnuts

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Inflammation is often caused by oxidative stress, says Healthline, and plays a big role in many diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer. Luckily, the polyphenols in walnuts can help reduce this inflammation and oxidative stress. “A subgroup of polyphenols called ellagitannins may be especially involved. Beneficial bacteria in your gut convert ellagitannins to compounds called urolithins, which have been found to protect against inflammation,” writes Healthline.

The same source notes that the omega-3 fatty acids, amino acid arginine, and magnesium in walnuts might also help reduce inflammation.

ActivEarth Food is one of Australia’s leading retailers of activated walnuts with an aim to provide customers with healthy, simple organic foods that provide energy, vitality, and well being. Our range of products not only includes organic activated walnuts but also other health products like activated pecans, activated cashews, and several ranges of seeds and spreads. We intend to create a sustainable food system by providing consumers access to healthy food products that taste great.

What Can Organic Activated Walnuts Be Used In?

Activated walnuts have been treated with a mild acid or enzyme. The process of activating walnuts helps to break down any chemical inhibitors and make them more potent for antioxidant activity. Organic walnuts, when activated, become a valuable ingredient in baking, adding a rich, nutty flavor, and imparting a delightful crispiness to various baked goods. They can also be had with fresh fruits, grains & cereals.

How Are Activated Walnuts Different from Regular Walnuts?

Our activated walnuts are different from regular walnuts in a few key ways. For one, activated walnuts are soaked in purified water that helps them to release their natural oils and vitamins. This makes them a more nutritious and organic option to buy. The activation releases some enzymes, such as phytic acid, which helps keep the nut/seed viable. This makes it much easier to digest. So, if you are looking to buy these organic walnuts online in Australia, then you are on the right track. Buy activated walnuts from ActivEarth Food’s website today and taste the difference.

Why buy our activated almonds in Australia?

ActivEarth Food prides itself on the quality we provide. The activated walnuts that we provide have a good shelf life provided that they are kept in a cool place. With our organic walnuts going all over Australia, we are constantly striving to improve and impress. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our company or want to buy activated walnuts. Call us on 0423 544 228.

Activated Walnuts