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What You Must Know About Organic Activated Buckwheat

Buckwheat is high in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and flavonoids and contains all eight essential amino acids, including lysine. Buckwheat is also a good source of dietary fibre. 

Contrary to popular belief, buckwheat is not a cereal grain but is actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb and sorrel making it a suitable substitute for people who are sensitive to wheat or other gluten containing grains. Buckwheat flowers are very fragrant and are attractive to bees that use them to produce a special, strongly flavored, dark honey.

The Activation Process

So, what sets the ActivEarth Food’s organic activated buckwheat apart from its conventional counterpart? The secret lies in the activation process. Buckwheat seeds contain enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid, and tannins that can interfere with nutrient absorption and digestion. Activation is the method of soaking and sprouting these seeds to neutralise these inhibitors, making the nutrients easier for your body to absorb. 

During the activation process, the buckwheat seeds are soaked in water for a specified period. After soaking, the seeds are rinsed and drained thoroughly. Over the next 24 hours, they are placed in ourt dehydrators to bring them back to a beautiful crispy state without losing any of the nutritional benefits. This further enhances their nutritional profile. 

The Nutritional Benefits of Organic Activated Buckwheat

Organic activated buckwheat is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with an impressive array of vitamins, minerals, and health-boosting compounds. 

Buckwheat is high in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and flavonoids in particular; rutin and quercetin. Flavonoids are phyto nutrients that protect against disease. It is also a good source of dietary fibre and contains all eight essential amino acids, including lysine which makes it a good protein source.

Serving Suggestions for Organic Activated Buckwheat 

Now that you understand the incredible nutritional benefits of organic activated buckwheat, let's explore some delicious ways to incorporate it into your diet. 

Breakfast Bliss 

  1. Buckwheat Granola: Start your day with a hearty bowl of buckwheat granola. Mix activated buckwheat with rolled oats, nuts, dried fruits, and a drizzle of honey. Bake until golden brown for a crunchy, nutritious breakfast.
  2. Smoothie Booster: Add a spoonful of organic activated buckwheat to your morning smoothie. It'll contribute a nutty flavour and an extra protein punch.

Savoury Delights 

  1. Salad Crunch: Sprinkle activated buckwheat on top of your salads for a delightful crunch. Its nutty flavour pairs perfectly with fresh greens and a variety of dressings.
  2. Stir-Fry Surprise: Toss activated buckwheat into your stir-fry dishes for added texture and nutrition. It absorbs flavours beautifully and adds a satisfying element to your meal.

Sweet Treats 

  1. Baking Wonder: Incorporate activated buckwheat flour into your baking recipes. It works well in pancakes, muffins, and even gluten-free bread, providing a wholesome twist to your favourite treats.
  2. Energy Bars: Make your own energy bars by mixing activated buckwheat with dates, nuts, and your choice of dried fruits. These homemade bars are perfect for a quick, nutritious snack on the go.

Explore More Today 

Organic activated buckwheat is undoubtedly a nutritional gem that can elevate your meals and enhance your overall well-being. At ActiveEarth Food, we are committed to bringing you the finest quality organic products to support your healthy lifestyle.

Incorporate this versatile superfood into your daily diet and experience the difference it can make for your health and vitality. 

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Activated Buckwheat