Black Turtle Beans

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Black Turtle Beans

Protein and fiber-rich, black beans are delicious legumes that are popularly featured in world cuisines. In fact, in kitchen cabinets and pantries across the nation, cans of black beans are waiting to not only infuse your dishes with nutrition, but they promise to make them tastier too! Once you discover all the amazing health benefits that these beans can offer, you’ll want to make them a staple in your diet. Don’t leave those beans sitting on the shelf. Add them to a myriad of dishes to take advantage of all their nutrients and health benefits.

Heart Health

With their rich concentration of soluble fiber, black beans can help lower your blood cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is associated can lead to increased risk of heart disease and stroke. There are many substances contained in black beans that can enhance heart health. In addition, these beans contain potassium, which can help reduce the sodium level in your blood. Sodium can detract from heart health by affecting the cholesterol in the blood. The magnesium and iron contained in black beans assist in the production of red blood cells, and that makes the work of your heart go a bit easier. If heart disease runs in your family or you just want to subscribe to a heart-healthy diet, be sure to include plenty to your diet.

Black Turtle Beans