Muesli's & Seed Mixes

  • Your Muesli

    Your Muesli is a special blend of 21 powerful ingredients that will give you easily digestible long-lasting energy for the entire day. Activated nuts and seeds, dried fruit and spices are combined with raw and roasted oats for a super tasty, healthy breakfast.

    Free from added sweetener!

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  • Grain-Free Muesli

    This is the ideal breakfast for those who want to minimize their gluten intake. Based on activated raw and roasted buckwheat and quinoa, and combined with activated nuts, seeds, dried fruit and spices. It's deliciously crunchy, very satisfying and easy to digest. You’ll feel energized all morning!

    Save time! All nuts, seeds, buckwheat and quinoa are already activated for you: you don’t need to soak your muesli overnight, we’ve done the work for you---your crunchy activated breakfast is good to go!

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  • Living Blend

    Super-charge your intake of proteins and antioxidants!
    This blend of powerful ingredients will boost your nutrition and transform your yogurts, fruit salads and smoothies into crunchy, delicious and healthy snacks!
    We’ve activated all the buckwheat, nuts and seeds to maximize nutrient absorption, ease digestion and promote optimal health and well-being.

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