About Us

Hi! I'm Manon.

I was born in France where I became a Sports teacher, specialised in gymnastics and acrobatics.
Although I loved teaching I've decided to see the world instead.
Starting in Spain, I kept travelling around the world for 6-7 years eager for adventures and encounters, learning languages, meeting new people, amazing cultures and traditions.
Here in Australia, I've met my partner Sven… and never left the country again! at least, not without him :-)
My part of the business is the creation of yummy and healthy recipes: I love experimenting with food and sharing it with people around me.
My experience travelling around the world and my studies in the area of sports and fitness inspired me to create original recipes, based on real whole foods that fulfill the needs of our body.

Sven is a qualified chef, having worked mostly worked in healthy/vegan restaurants and retreats such as Gwinganna in the Gold Coast hinterland. He has great knife skills and chops every nut and dried-fruit that you'll find in your muesli!
He's a very active man: he loves dancing, rock climbing and is working hard everyday of the week to create your ActivEarth goodies.

We both love the Earth and therefore refuse to use individual plastic bags to package our products. In our everyday life we also live plastic-free as much as possible.

How did we start making Muesli?

We're aware that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a night of fasting, it's important to give our body the right nutrients for immediate and long lasting energy.
To prepare our breakfast, Sven and I used to open about 30 different bags of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and grains from the health food shop and put a bit of each in our bowl. We've realised quickly that it was not a very efficient way to prepare breakfast so we decided to make 2kg of Muesli at once.
Playing with recipes and ingredients, we came upon a pretty good mix. A friend of ours tried it and asked for a kilo, and so did a friend of his. In a very short time, I found myself making 10kg of Muesli in Sven's mum's kitchen (Tina) and selling it to friends. They said it was the best Muesli they've ever had!

One day I've been offered an "activated" nut and loved the taste of it. I've been told it's much better to have your nuts activated than plain… After doing my own research I've understood that it is indeed essential for our health to eat ALL seeds activated: nuts, kernels, grains, beans, rice, quinoa, etc…
So here I was, soaking all my nuts, seeds and buckwheat in Tina's kitchen and drying them in the sun or in her oven. The oven was on night and day and I was getting up in the middle of the night to check that it was still going! The first dehydrator we bought was a real relief for Tina: finally she could use her oven again!

Working with my friend Caroline Scott who is a qualified and passionate dietician, I've been refining my Muesli recipe to make it truly healthy:
  • - 100% organic: while eating chemical-loaded food has become the norm, we refuse to eat and offer nasties to our customers. Your body (and the Planet!) are worth naturally-growing food.
  • - no added sweetener: even Agave or Coconut nectar are highly processed and super-high in fructose!
  • - no "puffed" grains: cooked at very high temperature, they have no nutritional value. I call them "dead food". They only take space in the bag and in your stomach to make you feel satisfied for a short time.
  • - each ingredient is chosen for its nutritional value: Brazil nuts for selenium and good fats, Almonds for calcium, Mulberries for antioxidants, etc.
  • - no sultana or cranberries: they are usually soaked in fruit juice to make them sweeter, increasing the amount of fructose in them. Instead, we take the time to chop by hand Medjool Dates and Figs and use Mulberries, Inca berries and Goji berries.
  • - all nuts, seeds, buckwheat, quinoa, etc. are ACTIVATED to improve digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • - balance raw/toasted: while we keep most ingredients Raw, we're aware that cooking grains and seeds eases digestion and therefore is more gentle on our digestive system. We use a gentle temperature to roast our ingredients, we don't want to burn them!
  • - we offer a gluten free version of our Original Muesli for these who want to reduce their gluten intake.

Once our final recipe was approved and tasted, we were ready to start producing our Mueslis and sell it for real.
We've applied for a stall at the Miami Organic Markets and started renting a Council approved kitchen once a week.
We've started selling our activated Mueslis and seed mixes at the Markets in April 2013 and received an amazing interest for them. We've only been selling more since then and have been contacted by lots of shops to retail our goodies.
We're now producing just over a tonne of Muesli a month in our very own commercial kitchen!
We'd like to thank all our customers for the support and the love they give us <3

Peaceful parenting:

In the middle of our business growth I, Manon, had to stop working because my belly was so big that I couldn't reach the kitchen bench anymore (not joking!).
We gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl in January 2015 and fell in love with her immediately.
We are committed to peaceful parenting and value her upbringing more than anything else on earth. While Sven is working long hours every day of the week, I'm staying at home with her so she grows in a peaceful, happy and relaxed environment.
Our Muesli business is what allows us to offer our baby an ideal upbringing and we're very proud of that :-)